Homemade pregnancy test – Are they reliable?

Homemade pregnancy test or DIY pregnancy test are getting popular for various reasons.  People are searching information like “ homemade pregnancy test that works”, “how to make a homemade pregnancy test” online. So what are homemade pregnancy tests?  These are methods that have been developed over the years to facilitate those persons who could not at the time afford to visit a doctor or to purchase over the counter pregnancy tests.

When one thinks of homemade  or DIY(do it yourself) pregnancy tests, one would go back in time when there were few doctors around and telling a woman was pregnant heavily depended on signs the woman is carrying which usually would manifested later than sooner in the pregnancy.

Many women today would concur that they are not too fund to visit their doctors to have a pregnancy test done, as they find the cost too high.  With that said, a lot of women tend to lean on these DIY pregnancy test methods for results.

Homemade pregnancy tests are not scientifically or clinically proven to give accurate results but there are many women who are willing to take that chance.

As with the traditional over the counter pregnancy tests, homemade pregnancy tests would normally include recording the reaction of the woman’s urine as it is mixed with regular household chemicals.  If you decides to venture in the method of a homemade pregnancy test, one should be very cautious in using the same household chemicals.  Again these homemade pregnancy tests are not one entirely accurate.

*Homemade pregnancy test with bleach

One of the common household chemical bleach, which is usually used as a cleaning and whitening agent is one that is used as a concoction for a DIY pregnancy test.

How is this done?  In the bleach pregnancy test the woman should place in a container fresh urine and add bleach to it.  If the mixture shows some amount of a foam look the woman is considered to be pregnant.

Now in attempting this method, care should be taken to do so in a well-ventilated area or do this on the outside as inhalation of the fumes from the bleach can prove to be extremely harmful to you and your unborn child if you are pregnant.  Also it is uncertain what amount of urine or bleach to use in this method.

Is the bleach pregnancy test accurate? No. To determine pregnancy, it is recommended to consult your Health Centre/ doctor.

Homemade pregnancy test

*Homemade pregnancy test with Pine Sol

Pine Sol is used as a very prominent cleaning agent in most households that disinfects and deodorizes.  This same potent formula is known to be used as part of a homemade pregnancy test.

The pine sol pregnancy test like other common pregnancy tests is mixed with urine to determine pregnancy.  Though this is one of the preferred household pregnancy tests, it is also not a very accurate way to find out if you are carrying a little one inside your womb.

In this test, the woman’s urine and the pine sol are placed in a container and left to sit for an uncertain length of time.  If there is a change in the color of the mixture other than the original color of the pine sol, this would indicate that the woman is indeed pregnant.  While there are many who have gravitated towards this method, it is always best to consult your doctor or use an OTC pregnancy test.

*Homemade pregnancy test with Dandelion Leaves

Dandelion and its leaves are known for aiding and treating various illnesses from the inside out of the human body. With it’s many known health benefits, many will prefer to trust the results of the herb as it is used in various ways. Dandelion pregnancy test is another popular method of homemade pregnancy testing.

In this method the dandelion leaves are taken and placed into a plastic container and should not come in contact with direct sunlight. Add the urine to the container and ensure that it covers all the leaves and let stand.  After about 10 minutes or more if there are reddish blisters on the leaves, it is believed that indicates pregnancy.

*Homemade pregnancy test with Vinegar

Vinegar being another common household came is used for various reasons.  In this case, it is used by many as a method of testing pregnancy.  Though it may be a common method known by method, the vinegar pregnancy test is not one that’s is accurate.  There are certain factors that one should consider:

  • The amount of white vinegar to use
  • The amount of urine that is appropriate
  • The time to wait for the desired effect

In this DIY pregnancy method the urine is mixed with the white vinegar in a container.  If the mixture shows signs of change in color then it is believe that it indicates pregnancy.  If there is no change in color then it is a negative result.

*Homemade pregnancy test with toothpaste

Toothpaste is one commodity that can be found in every household. Some people use toothpaste pregnancy test to indicate the possibility of pregnancy.

In this method you take some white toothpaste and place in a container with urine, if the color of the mixture turns blue or bluish or if there is some amount of froth then it is believed that is a possibility that you are pregnant.  If there is no change then you are not pregnant.

Homemade pregnancy test accuracy

Homemade pregnancy tests or DIY pregnancy test, may to some be a cheap and inexpensive way to determine their pregnancy.  However, these tests are not scientifically or clinically proven to be an accurate method of pregnancy testing and some are also considered to be unsafe.

There are people who have tried one or more of these and have found that their results have coincided with their actual state of pregnancy, but these can be considered as a mere coincidence.  Care should be taken when attempting to do these.

In regular pregnancy test using the urine, the pregnancy hormone hCG (human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is usually what is checked for.  The presence of this hormone usually determines if a woman is pregnant or not. Using homemade pregnancy test may not be able to pick up hCG and thus cannot give an accurate result.

It is recommended that you visit your pharmacist or your doctor and acquire a pregnancy test which for most of them can tell early on if you are pregnant or not. If you are uncertain of the results from the pregnancy test you should consult your doctor.



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