how to conceive a boy naturally

If you are dreaming of having a little son and are wondering how to conceive a boy naturally, it’s important to know a few facts. The sperm that carry the Y chromosome, the one that determines the male gender, are very different than the sperm that carry the X chromosome which is responsible for creating girls.

The Y sperm are smaller and more agile, which allows them to reach the egg more quickly than the X sperm. However they do not survive as long and they have difficulty when it comes to dealing with thepH balance of your body.



how to conceive a boy naturally

how to conceive a boy naturally



What is the best way to conceive a baby boy naturally?  Here are a number of factors to keep in mind that

will help you in your quest for a baby boy:

  •  Y sperm require a pH balance that is more alkalinethan acidic. You can create this by having the right diet to promote an alkaline environment. Include foods that are rich in sodium and potassium such as peaches, bananas, sausage and red meat because this is the diet to conceive a baby boy naturally and you want to have every chance of being successful, even if you don’t usually consider red meat healthy.


  • The goal is for the Y spermto fertilize the egg before the X sperm arrives so timing is extremely important. You will want to time intercourse as closely as possible to the very day that you ovulate. This is the best time during ovulation to conceive a baby boy naturally. Your egg will only be viable for a 24-hour time frame so since the Y sperm travels faster it should reach the egg within that 24-hour window to successfully fertilize the egg. The goal is to already be pregnant by the time the X sperm get there.


  •  It is important to position yourselves during intercourse so that the man is able to penetrate deeply into the vagina. If the man reaches orgasm as close to the neck of the cervix as possible this helps the Y sperm reach your egg more quickly. The best position to conceive a baby boy naturally would be for the woman to dominate by being on top, or to have intercourse doggy style, or by entering the vagina from the back. So enjoy the variety because this is how to conceive a  boy naturally.


  • Another issue of timing has to do with who reaches orgasmfirst. When a woman reaches orgasm the pH balance inside hervagina and around the cervix will change from acidic to alkalinedue to secretions. If you are trying for a boy you need an alkaline environment so this is when the Y sperm would have the best chance of getting through the cervix to fertilize the egg. If the man can hold off on his orgasm and let her reach orgasm first the chances of conceiving a boy improve.


Using these suggestions you will definitely increase your chances of conceiving a beautiful little boy. While practising you’ll have nothing but fun and if you end up with a gorgeous little girl, you’ll be just as happy and of course there is always next time!! The main thing is not to worry or stress and if you want to remember how to conceive a  boy naturally just take a look at this article again and understand that practice makes perfect!!

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