How To Get Pregnant Fast – Tips for Getting Pregnant Fast

While the mysteries of conception often seem to be in the provenance of fate, there are certain habits that can assist women who are wondering how to get pregnant fast. Many of them may seem to be simple common sense, but many are also the result of years of clinical studies involving successful pregnancies.

How to get pregnant fast tips 1 – Preparing Yourself for Pregnancy

The best advice for properly preparing your body for pregnancy is to act as if you are already pregnant, meaning that developing the proper habits that contribute to a healthy infant are important to begin immediately.

This means cutting out habits that can be detrimental to a fetus, such as smoking or drinking alcohol. Even a mild caffeine habit might need to be curtailed; caffeine is a stimulant and some studies show that caffeine can contribute to miscarriage. Cutting your intake to one 12-ounce cup or less per day will put your intake below recommended levels, while still allowing a bit of indulgence.

Taking prenatal vitamins is another good way to achieve optimal health and ready yourself for conception. Visiting a doctor or obstetrician for a preconception checkup will give you an opportunity to ask for a prescription for prenatal vitamins or you can simply take a balanced daily vitamin that includes folic acid.

Visiting a physician is also an excellent way to determine if there are any mitigating factors that might contribute to a difficulty to conceive. Finding and eliminating such factors will go a long way to ensuring a healthy pregnancy.

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This is also the perfect time to evaluate if you are at a healthy weight for conception. While severe obesity contributes its own set of problems for conceiving, women who are very thin or exercise excessively can experience irregular menstruation cycles, which can sometimes make it difficult to conceive. Discuss your optimal weight with your physician and take steps to adjust it so it does not become a hindrance in your ability to conceive.

How to get pregnant fast tips 2 – Preparing Him


How To Get Pregnant Fast -

How To Get Pregnant Fast tips

While it might seem as if pregnancy is mostly a woman’s concern, there are steps a man can take to ensure his sperm is healthy and capable of undertaking the adventure required to fertilize an egg. Wearing close-fitting clothing, spending too long in a hot tub or even using a cell phone can all decrease a man’s sperm count.

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While it only takes one sperm among the 20 to 100 million that are released when a man ejaculates to fertilize an egg, increasing the amount to an optimal level can only help when trying to conceive.

Studies show that improving nutrition can improve sperm quality, allowing for more lively sperm capable of the endurance necessary to reach the egg. It’s also a good idea to lower intake of certain foods that might inhibit sperm production, such as those containing soy. Soy beans contain a natural, plant-based estrogen hormone and contribute to lowered sperm counts.


How to get pregnant fast tips 3 – Know Your Body

The actual window of ovulation is shockingly short; a mere 24 hours passes between the time an egg is released and it passes out of the body. Given that a typical woman’s cycle is 28 days long, there is really only one “golden” day out of any given month that a woman is able to conceive.

There are kits available from pharmacies that can help a woman establish exactly when her optimal time to conceive will be, allowing for a more efficient way to track when the best opportunity may be.

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While there’s one golden day for conception, sperm can live up to 72 hours, making regular intercourse both before and after ovulation the most efficient way for sperm to encounter an egg. This method also helps lessen any pressure that might be felt about trying to time an encounter for the “perfect” moment.

How to get pregnant fast tips 4 -Relaxation is Key

Studies have show that women who are deeply worried about their chances of conceiving actually contribute to a lower conception success rate.

It seems that the elevated stress that comes from worry can increase infertility. When looking for the best ways for how to get pregnant fast, relaxation is as important as nutrition.

Engaging in non-strenuous exercises such as yoga or tai chi can improve flexibility while lowering stress. Meditation or a favorite pastime such as creating art or reading a book can slow your daily frenetic pace and allow for some time to relax.

Some women benefit from alternative practices such as acupuncture to increase their tranquility. Whatever works for you is the right method to use and can only help improve quality of life, as well as increase the chances of quick conception.

While rest and relaxation can help to prepare a woman emotionally and physically for conception, it doesn’t always follow that lying down for the actual deed is necessary.

There are many old wives’ tales about the proper position for intercourse, but there are no definitive studies that suggest a woman must be prone or should elevate her legs for optimal chances at conception. Some experts suggest that lying quietly for 10 or 15 minutes after intercourse may help, but it is not strictly necessary.

How Long Should I Try Before Seeking Help?

There’s no rule of thumb for how long a couple should try to conceive on their own before consulting an expert. If you’ve consulted a physician for the preconception examination that will rule out any impediment to conceiving, becoming pregnant is a natural process that will happen in its own way and time.

For a woman under 35 years of age, up to a year of unprotected sex is reasonable to expect before considering consulting a fertility specialist. For women over the age of 35, six months is a good amount of time to allow to pass.

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Sometimes nature simply needs a little time before everything falls into place; allowing yourself the leisure to just enjoy the process and spend intimate time with your significant other may be the very best advice of all for how to get pregnant fast.


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