Gender selection – How to get pregnant with a boy

Wonder how to get pregnant with a boy? With all of the advances in medicine today, you might think it’s not a big deal to ensure you have a baby boy if that is what you want.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as just going to your OB-GYN and telling them “I want to have baby boy”.  There are  several gender selection procedures that can be used to have a baby boy, but many won’t give you a much better chance than just conceiving a baby.

Without any help, your chances of conceiving a baby boy are already somewhat better, as there are 105 boys to every 100 girls delivered. The difficulty and cost involved in the different procedures will vary. Some procedures have strict guidelines to even be considered for the procedure.

So what are the top reasons for wanting to have a baby boy?

How to get pregnant with a boy

How to get pregnant with a boy

  1. Only want one child and want a boy to preserve the family name.
  2. Had a girl and now want a boy.
  3. Boys are generally considered “easier” than girls. They don’t require braids, hair bands, dresses that can’t get dirty. Many parents feel that boys deal with things more directly and require less explanation on the reasons behind things.
  4. Boys seem to live life joyously and leap before they look more often than not.
  5. Interest in snakes, spiders, aliens, superheroes, and anything that can be disassembled. (You will have to help reassemble).
  6. Knowing that you are his first and longest love, and that nothing and no one will ever replace you even if he loves someone else.

Two Methods for Having a Boy

How to get pregnant with a boy – Medical intervention method:

In vitro fertilization: In this procedure, you have to see a fertility doctor and go through taking fertility drugs. You will also have to have your eggs harvested and fertilized in a glass petri dish.

Once this is accomplished, the doctor will implant the eggs and hopefully pregnancy occurs. The procedure that is performed to determine the sex of your baby is called PGD, where embryos are tested for genetic disorders. It is also used when a women has had multiple miscarriages.

There are very few fertility clinics that will use this procedure for non-medical reasons such as determining the sex of the embryo ensuring that you will have the baby boy you want.  In fact, gender selection for non-medical reasons is only performed at three clinics at the moment: Genetics and IVF Institute in Virginia and Maryland, and The Sher Institute which has several clinics nationwide.

This clinic does not require that you have a child of the opposite sex already in your family. The last is the Reproductive Specialty Center in Newport Beach, California.

Most clinics will not perform PGD just to determine the sex of the baby that you want, as many doctors consider performing the procedure just to determine sex unethical.

The cost for this procedure is also sometimes prohibitive. The cost of IVF  can be between $7,000 and $9,000 per implantation cycle, and then the cost of PGD is usually about $20,000 in addition to the IVF cost. Many times implantation does not take the first cycle.

Don’t lose hope yet though, there are other procedures though without the almost 100 percent certainty that PGD provides. These procedures use AI (artificial insemination), which is non-invasive and much more affordable depending on the procedure used.

AI and conceiving the baby boy you want

Ericsson:  This method has been available since the 1970’s, and is based on the fact that sperm containing the Y chromosome or baby boys genes swim faster than X chromosome girl sperm. Determining when to perform the procedure to help you conceive the baby boy you want will be key.

The procedure is performed by applying a sperm sample to a gelatinous fluid and seeing which sperm reaches the bottom of the container first, these being the sperm that should contain the Y  chromosome. You will be inseminated with these faster sperm in the hopes that you conceive the baby boy you want.

The success rate of this procedure is about 70 to 80 percent. The benefits are that this procedure is non-invasive, and does not require fertility drugs or harvesting and implanting of eggs. Even better, it only costs about $600 per procedure.

How to get pregnant with a boy –  At Home Methods

There are several at home methods that may help in conceiving a baby. Most of these require monitoring your body’s basal temperature or use an ovulation predictor kit to predict when you are ovulating and determine when to have intercourse to determine the best success of having the baby boy you want.

Shettles method:  This method is based on the premise that male sperm are faster yet live shorter time frames than sperm carrying female chromosomes. The premise is to increase your chances of achieving the baby boy you want it is necessary to have intercourse close to your ovulation date to get the “I want a baby boy” of your dreams.

“Prince or princess” Ebook : This Ebook is written by an ex-midwife Alicia Pennington. Her method claims to have a 94% success rate and is based on 3 steps:  1. choose specific time of the month to plan baby gender. 2. use certain sex positions to plan a baby boy or girl. 3. certain food to eat to increase the chance of having a baby boy or baby girl.

Sex Selection Kits: These kits are based on the Shettles method and state they have a 96% success rate but scientists  state these claims have  no basis in fact.  The sex selection is based on the intercourse and ovulation cycle. They provide a douche that claims that it improves the ability of the sperm to reach the egg and fertilize successfully. Vitamins and herbal extracts are also encouraged to assist that you can conceive successfully.

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