Top 5 Reasons People Want to Have a Baby Girl

While nearly everyone is happy to be blessed with a happy and healthy baby, sometimes the thought will cross your mind: “I want a baby girl.”The reasons for this are often as varied as the people thinking them. We’ve collected the top 5 reasons why someone would want to have a baby girl.

I want to have a baby girl-Top 5 Reasons People Want to Have a Baby Girl

I want to have a baby girl


  1. I want to have a baby girl. Sometimes the simplest explanation is the easiest to comprehend. You may wish to have a baby girl because you already have a son and desire to have one child of each gender. You may have always wanted to have a baby girl, ever since you were a small girl yourself. The possibilities are endless and there is no right or wrong answer to this particular question.
  2. You don’t know how to raise a boy. This might become an issue for women who grew up in a single parent home, or a home without any brothers.  There is every chance that you would be a fantastic mother no matter the gender of your child, but some people don’t have the confidence to raise a boy.  To get around this, many people may spend time researching how to conceive a girl.  Many of these are old wives tales, unfortunately, but it doesn’t stop anyone from following those instructions to the letter.
  3. Indulge in those Girly Things. One of the most common reasons for desiring a baby girl is the need to indulge in those girly things. You might want someone to go with you when you head to the salon for your weekly manicure, or you may love the idea of having someone to dress up in beautiful dresses and frilly things. For many women, it would also give them someone to talk to about fashion, celebrities, or other stereotypically female things, especially as the child grows older. If you have a family of all boys, the desire to splurge on girly things is a common one.
  4. Your family just isn’t complete. This will vary from person to person when they are attempting to conceive a child, but many people will continue to try for a baby girl after they have already had many successful pregnancies because they feel that, without a baby girl, their family is not complete. This is a totally normal feeling, so don’t think that you’re strange for wanting a baby girl to ‘complete’ your already happy family.
  5. You grew up as a tomboy. Some of us just grew up as a tomboy,  covered in dirt and scrapes from keeping up with the neighborhood boys. While there is nothing wrong with being a tomboy , you may feel like there was something missing. Having a baby girl is often an opportunity to give your daughter everything that you didn’t have (or didn’t want!) when you were growing up, as well as a chance to experience all of those things for yourself.

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               In the end, even if you’re saying “I want a baby girl” the goal of any pregnancy should be a happy, healthy and full-term baby. Best of luck in your conception journey!

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