Old Wives Tales About Baby Gender

There are many people who wholeheartedly believe old wives tales about baby gender.  We know that finding out the sex of your baby can be a pretty exciting time and also a bit of disappointing for some because they would have wanted a boy and not a girl or a girl and not a boy.

It may also be disappointing if the expectant mother and father had a particular gender in mind or have a preference of a particular sex. There are mothers (and fathers) who prefer not to know the sex of their baby as they want it to be a big surprise at delivery. For some couples or families, this surprise arises the anticipation and joy of seeing their little one for the first time.

A lot of expectant mothers tend to convince themselves of their baby’s sex, based on the way they feel (if it’s not their first) compared to their other pregnancy or pregnancies. If it is that they have an unusual craving that is different from the ones they had with their previous pregnancy or similar to their previous pregnancy, they usually indicate that the baby’s gender is different or similar in another case.

A pregnant mom may feel that she is more fatigued with her current pregnancy than her previous or vice versa and will also use these changes as an indicator of the baby’s gender.  It is true that every pregnancy is different but can these feelings experienced be used as a way of knowing the sex of your baby?

old wives tales about baby gender prediction

when can I find out the gender of my baby?

The most accurate way to find out the sex of your baby is by an ultrasound.  During your regular visits to your doctor, gynecologist or obstetrician you will find that having an ultrasound is usually recommended.  In this way the doctor can be sure that your baby is developing properly and that there are no possible threats to the life and health of your bundle of joy. Usually at 18 to 22 weeks it is best to determine the gender of your unborn baby.  At this stage your baby is more developed and the chances of seeing the genitalia is more likely.

However there are instances where the sex cannot be determined as a result of the position of the baby, the legs maybe crossed or baby’s hands my obscure the view of his or her genitals.  Also taking into account the expertise of the ultrasound technician may also be a factor to the success or lack of it.

Usually the main purpose of this ultrasound is to determine the wellbeing of your baby at this stage to ensure that there are no malformations or issues of concern, but that your baby is developing normally for his or her gestational age.

Even though you want to know the gender of the baby it is also important to know that your baby is doing well on the inside so that you can welcome your precious delight with no reason to be afraid of any illnesses.

old wives tales about pregnancy

For centuries old wives tales have been used as a means of indicating how to find out the sex of baby.  Even though these myths or beliefs are not scientific a lot of people swear by them.  Here are a few of these beliefs:

  • Old wives tales baby gender ring test- In this test it is believed that the gender of the baby will be determined based on the movements of the ring. Here, pregnant mom takes her wedding ring ties a string to it and holds the string loosely over her tummy. If the ring goes in a circle it is believed that the baby is a girl; if the ring sways from side to side then it is believed that the baby is a boy.


  • Baby heartbeat gender- if the baby’s heart rate is found to be above 140 beats per minute it is believed that it’s a girl and if heart rate is below 140 beats per minute then it is believed to be a boy.

old wives tales gender prediction

These and many more old wives tales have been used by grandmothers, mothers, fathers and others as a way to tell if mom is having a girl or a boy, such as:

  • The shape of mommy’s tummy –  if mommy’s tummy is round then it is believed that she is carrying a girl, if mommy’s tummy sticks out in front or is pointed then it is believed she is carrying a boy.
  • Whether she’s carrying high or low– it is said that if the pregnant mom’s tummy is low then she’s carrying a boy and if her tummy is high then she’s carrying a girl
  • Certain food cravings– It’s believed that if mom craves certain salty and or sour foods during pregnancy it is likely that she will have a boy, if cravings are for sweet foods and orange juices then she’s carrying a girl.
  • Condition of mommy’s skin– Some people believe that an expectant mother is carrying a boy if her skin becomes dry, and a girl if her skin is moist
  • The color of her urine– There are persons who think that if the pregnant mother’s urine is bright yellow then she will certainly have a boy, and moms with a duller urine color will be expecting a girl.

Each of these and more are occurrences that can be explained.  They are all affected by the health and diet of a woman during her pregnancy. Also, as changes in a pregnant woman’s body takes place, some of those listed here and others will be evident.  This does not mean that these old wives tales accurately determine the gender of your baby. Even though old wives tales about baby gender are not scientific or accurate, some mothers and fathers to be think of them as little fun things to do during pregnancy.

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