The Best Position to Conceive a Baby Boy or Baby Girl Naturally

If you really have your heart set on having a little boy or little girl it only makes sense to do everything you can to increase your chances when you’re trying to conceive. There is evidence that when having intercourse there is the best position to conceive a baby boy or baby girl naturally. Of course there are no guarantees and nothing is 100% but why not try to choose the gender you are wishing for? Try the positions that others have found effective when they were trying to conceive and wanted to fulfil their dream for a little boy or girl.

how to conceive a baby boy or baby girl naturally


The fact of the matter is that the chromosomes in the two types of sperm that are involved in selecting the gender of the resulting baby are totally different. Boys are created by the Y chromosome. The sperm that contains the Y chromosome are tiny, agile and fast. They can swim to the egg very quickly. However they have a short life-span and if they have too far to go, they will just die off before they get there.

The type of sperm that brings about a girl carries the X chromosome. As compared to the Y chromosome, these swim more slowly as they are a lot larger. But they do live longer and seem to have more stamina when heading for the egg than their Y counterpart.

Here are some helpful tips when having intercourse in terms of the best position to conceive a boy or a girl:


If you want a Baby Boy

  • Since the sperm carrying the Y chromosome expires quickly they’re going to require some help in reaching the egg. Any position for intercourse that allows for deeper penetration is required. If the man can reach orgasm as close to the entrance of the cervix this increases your chances of having the Y sperm reach the egg before dying off.


  • The way this works best would be when the woman is in the dominant position, which includes when the woman is on top. There is another variation called the Reverse Cowgirl that can work as well. Having intercourse in these positions requires the woman to be astride her male partner. In this position she has control over how deeply he can penetrate her. When he reaches orgasm she needs to allow him as deeply as possible into her vagina, so the little sperm do not have far to go in reaching, and hopefully fertilizing the egg.

If you use your imagination I am sure that you can devise some other positions, but the main thing here is to make sure the man has as deep a penetration as possible when he reaches orgasm. You will then increase your chances of having a boy.


If you want a Baby Girl

  • If your heart’s desire is for a little girl you will want to have intercourse using positions that create a shallow penetration. The goal is to have the Y sperm die off before reaching the egg. If the man reaches orgasm at a greater distance from the entrance of the cervix, the Y sperm will have a longer way to travel and will have less likelihood of reaching the egg. This will allow the X sperm a chance to get to the egg. Although they swim more slowly they do have more endurance and can outlast the Y sperm in this situation.


  • The best position for intercourse which allows for shallow penetration would be the missionary and the spooning position. Another position allowing for a shallower penetration would be what’s called the lotus position. In this position both parties sit with their legs wrapped around one another. Because having intercourse in these positions won’t allow the man to penetrate the woman very deeply they increase the chances of conceiving a baby girl.

In conclusion if you have been thinking of having a child and want to know for sure what position to conceive a boy or girl would be best then you have your answer.  Enjoy yourselves while you experiment but remember that nothing is 100% guaranteed. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are planning on conceiving you need to guard your health. To this end what we have discussed here would be the best position to conceive a boy or girl naturally.

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Diet to conceive a baby boy or baby girl naturally

We have not recommended anything but the healthiest possible way to conceive a child. And no matter what the outcome you will love your new little family member with all your hearts. But knowing that you did everything possible in terms having intercourse in the best position to conceive a baby boy or baby girl naturally should give you some satisfaction that you were given the precious baby you were meant to have.


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