What You Need to Know When you are Trying to Conceive

There are many couples who have no trouble at when they’re trying to conceive, but others spend years trying to have a baby. There are a lot of things that can influence the rate of success so if you’re on this journey why not know the facts and make it easier for yourselves.


how to conceive a baby boy or baby girl naturally


Here are some tips for trying to conceive:

Trying to Conceive Tips 1

  • Have a good sound knowledge of your menstrual cycle. No two women are alike in this regard so you need to keep track of your cycle day by day for a good few months before you try to get pregnant. Make note of day one of your period and exactly when you are ovulating. Mark these dates on a calendar.

Trying to Conceive Tips 2

  • It may seem awfully clinical to do this but you have got to know the timing of when your most fertile days are. This is so that you can actually schedule intercourse. The idea may not seem romantic but the idea is to use this window of fertility to its best advantage and try to conceive your baby.

Trying to Conceive Tips 3

  • Predict ahead of time when you’re going to be ovulating. This is extremely important because you only have five days per cycle that you are the most likely able to conceive. These days are the three days before you ovulate, the day you ovulate and the day after ovulation. You’ve got to be aware of when this is within your monthly cycle.

Trying to Conceive Tips 4

  • Your egg will only be viable and able to be fertilized during the 24 hour period following its release from your ovary. If you want to know exactly what to do when trying to conceive then the most important thing you can do is to time intercourse as close to ovulation as possible. Although it is physically possible to conceive on any one of those five days you increase your chances if you have intercourse at the very time you are ovulating.

Trying to Conceive Tips 5

  • Prepare yourself for a head of time by taking really good care of your health. You should get on prenatal vitamins months ahead and see your physician to be sure you’re at your optimum. If you’re menstrual cycle has been at all irregular, discuss this with your physician. Have all your questions regarding ovulation and conception answered so that you have a plan in place when you’re ready.

Trying to Conceive Tips 6

  • If you are longing for a boy, then ask your doctor how to conceive a boy. If you are desperate for a baby girl then ask him how to conceive a girl. Believe me these questions are not unusual and with medical science these days, there are specific answers to all these questions.

Trying to Conceive Tips 7

  • For anyone trying to conceive it is vitally important to get enough sleep and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Do whatever you can to minimize the stress in your life and put yourself first and do all that you can to stay healthy. You are going to be undergoing massive changes in your body once you become pregnant and you need to start this out when you are at your healthiest, for your sake and that of your baby’s. So if you’re asking what to do when trying to conceive the answer is to put your physical and mental health above all else.



This is all cause for celebration as bringing a beautiful new being into the world is a miracle. So don’t think of it as being stressful or difficult because even the healthiest of couples can try for as long as a year before they get lucky. Whenever any couple is trying to conceive it can cause anxiety but the main thing is to just enjoy the journey, relax and have fun.

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